The BubbleRoom is for living in. It is partly opaque to give its occupants a measure of privacy as well as a wonderful view of the sky and the landscape. The Bubble Room has all the comforts of a hotel room.
Cozier than the CrystalBubble, this bubble lets you spend an extraordinary night under the stars while protecting your privacy. It is the incarnation of a child’s play hut.

Its design emphasizes its spherical volume and suggests a cozy nest. The magical effect of the clear walls is at its fullest, letting the occupants soak up the landscape. From the bed, the view is all-encompassing. They will enjoy the last glow of the sunset and be woken by the shadows cast on the opaque wall by the rays of the rising sun.

The 13 feet diameter version of the BubbleRoom can be equipped in many ways. A king-size bed or a round mattress will be perfect. There is room for TV and multimedia or relaxation and breakfast spaces. There is storage space for your guests’ belongings in the entrance.

Our Bubbles are delivered without furnishings but CasaBubble offers sets of furniture and equipment.

Our Bubbles are delivered with a wooden floor.
Furniture and equipment are not included in the price of the Bubbles.
For each version of our Bubbles, as well as the opaque dividing doors (round partitions), shown for each model, transparent airlock doors can also be provided (invoiced separately).


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