Bubble in a tree

The TreeBubble: This concept is the origin of the Bubbles Collection.

Stéphane Dumas designed his first tree hut to give a reality to his child dreams.


When you climb in a tree, it is to have a wonderful view, a unique window on the nature.

The new concept was to propose a complete removable structure. A tree hut which doesn’t hurt the trees, which is 100% dismantable. But a hut that can safely host you for a comfortable night, shielded from the bad weather.

A tree hut, but a different one...

Our tree Bubbles are not only wood platforms. They are equipped of a rectractable.
If you observe the nature or take a nap on these relaxation nest, when the evening comes, you can unfurl the Bubble and prepare your comfy cocoon for a quiet night.
The Bubble will protect you from the air humidity and the night-cold.
In the early morning, you can fold it down and discover the magnificence of the nature all around your bed.


A TreeBubble without building permit

Our tree hut, without  structured walls or rigid roof is made to encourage a better environmental integration and a deeper proximity with nature.
100% removable and with ZERO impact on the nature, our TreeBubbles don’t need abuilding permit.
Our TreeBubbles will be available soon...

Design and Conception

CasaBubble proposes high end tree houses, 100% ECO-FRIENDLY. They are designed and use materials for the best environmental integration.

For Dumas and CasaBubble, the feeling of well-being and environmental protection are inseparable !

To protect the guests, the TreeBubble is a 11 ½ feet diameter sphere. The Bubble can be spread on 270° around the wood platform. The stuff is highly resistant and is fire-retardent treated.

We propose a patented fixing device, developped with the European Forest Institute – FCBA.

This system will allow the hut to be installed in the tree without any trunk drilling. The TreeBubble will not jeopardize the tree future developpment.

Our TreeBubbles are manufactured according the regulation in terms of people reception and safety instructions. They are delivered with a 10 years warranty.

We are at present working on the application for marketing authorization.

This tree house will bring you a high end comfort:
Access openings, mosquito net, window or porthole, light devices,... The Bubbles can be supplied in several colors.
The access way will be determined according the tree height and the using: a rope ladder for the athletes, a traditional staircase for a comfort access or other safety ladder for others...
Professionals are consulted to make a “tree check-up control” before any installation.


For any question, please contact us: info@CasaBubble.com




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