Wedding events


Let’s offer to you children or your friends the MOST ORIGINAL and UNFORGETTABLE ceremony or night...

For your wedding, our CasaBubbles will become your magnificent love nest.
Imagine an incredible night in your nuptial bedroom where the ceiling has the Milky Way for unique limit !

Alone in the world, in a green setting, but installed in a comfy luxury bedroom.
CasaBubble proposes you its BubbleLounge for a unforgettable honeymoon.
Dumas, the designer, was inspired by the Antic Mythology and the origins of Mankind to create this perfect sphere, composed of one transparent half and one opaque half.
Here we are in the belly of the Earth, in a cocoon...

The BubbleLounge has been designed to benefit of all the comfort of a hotel suite. Shielded from the bad weather and with... No mosquitos !
CasaBubble or its partners can installed your BubbleLounge where you wish.


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