The CrystalBubble collection distributed by CasaBubble is a new approach to temporary leisure accommodation.

Created by French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas, it is based on the ideas of minimum energy, minimum materials, maximum comfort and maximum interaction with its environment.

The Technical Principle

The sphere is inflated by a silent air turbine, the blower, which maintains a light pressure into the Bubble. It keeps the air fresh and avoids problems with moisture. The atmosphere inside the bubble is healthy, with no condensation, mosquitoes, dust or allergens. Zipped openings give initial temperature control by modulating the evacuation of the air at the top of the bubble at the rate of two to six times the volume of air per hour, depending on the model.

The Airlock Vestibule

The airlock vestibule with its rigid aluminum structure enables you to move around inside the bubble without deflating the main bubble. The vestibule’s role is to regulate the pressure between inside and outside when guests move in and out the Bubble. The airlock has room for shelves and racks to store your guests’ belongings.


The CrystalBubble and BubbleRoom are available in 11.5 feet and 13 feet diameter. The 13 feet bubbles can be equipped in many ways. Suitable for king-size or round beds. There is plenty of room for TV/multimedia areas, relaxation and breakfast spaces.
CasaBubble can provide furniture and equipment: clothes racks for the airlock, furniture for the main and extra bubbles.
Full bathroom equipments are available for BubbleLodge and GrandLodge.
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The standard Bubble comprises

  • A 13 feet diameter sphere made of special reinforced plastic stuff with anti-UV treatment and M2 fire rating.
  • A double-door airlock entrance with retractable metal framework.
  • At 10- or 11-piece plywood floor.
  • A self-adapting air blower with screen, two particle filters supplied.
  • An electric step up converter is included when the turbine are in 230 volts.
  • A tarpaulin.
  • A carry bag.

Electricity supply systems using solar cells and/or batteries can be provided.
We also offer a fuel cell system which will operate the turbine for three months on only 2.5 gallons of methanol.
One version of our Bubbles is now available to take a spa or any other bulky equipment.

The CrystalBubble collection can be bio-air-conditioned without using extra energy, by means of earth-air heat exchangers or thermal storage systems depending on the desired effect. These systems are called Canadian well or “Provençal well”.
The bypass system will mix outside air with air from the earth-air heat exchanger to obtain the desired temperature. Other no-energy cooling principles can also be applied. These are interesting prospects and solutions for ecotourism accommodation.



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