Genesis & Philosophy

What if true happiness these days means being in harmony with nature? Really being in touch with nature? Chasing that idea, Pierre-Stephane Dumas built his first tree hut.

For comfort’s sake, he enclosed it in a protective bubble. So BubbleTree was born!

At a time when it is urgent to think about the impact we have on the environment, even in our choice of leisure activities, we wanted to find a way of getting in touch with nature that would appeal to private individuals and holiday accommodation professionals.

So our products are ideal for ecotourism projects. They are consistent with a macroeconomic approach on human scale that seeks to ease the pressure of construction while protecting the natural environment.

Pierre-Stephane Dumas believes our Bubbles to have a tranquillizing effect. In a Bubble you can take time out, get your breath, and put things into perspective.

A spherical structure has an astonishing acoustic effect. Noises outside are muffled and sounds inside bounce back to the centre of the sphere so that people instinctively speak more softly. The sphere has a calming effect and generates a feeling of well-being.

So it is a perfect venue for a negotiation during a meeting!

Dumas designed his Bubble to give the occupants the experience of sleeping under the stars in all the comfort of a hotel room. No ceiling but the Milky Way. You can watch the way the light gradually changes from sunset through the night to the first glimmer of dawn.

A sphere is a protective volume that immediately makes you feel good. After developing the BubbleTree and experimenting with spheres perched in trees, Dumas designed a range for the ground. Nomadic bubbles for feeling good and staying in touch with nature. Perfect for enjoying the magic of a night in the wilds. Versatile outdoor rooms to be used in all seasons, even in the garden. And no problem for the disabled.

A different approach to leisure accommodation.

Bubbles are also an interesting possibility for ecotourism, providing temporary tourist accommodation with a minimal impact on the environment.

No preliminary building permit is required and the bubble is a special space opening directly onto the natural landscape. A dream hut that leaves mosquitoes, pollen and other allergens outside.




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