Sleep in a Bubble

CasaBubble distributes a collection of unusual structures for unusual moments !

Incredible nights spent throughout the year in a transparent Bubble House, in a luxury extraordinary Bubble or suspended over the nature in a tree.

A magic space, a dream, an unusual night under the stars with the commfort of a hotel suite...

Spend a night in a transparent Bubble, drop in the nature.

CasaBubble is developping a Bed&Breakfast network all around the U.S. and will be the internet link platform to help you to find your ideal place.

ARE YOU INTERESTED in buying a CasaBubble ?
Here, you will find the place where to go and discover our Bubbles.
We refund the nights up to $250 per night for a maximum of 2 nights
if you purchase one of our Bubbles.


VIDEO 1 - YouTube

VIDEO 2 - YouTube

VIDEO 3 - And AT THE PRESENT TIME on the French main TV chanel


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